Philippines – Fight or Flee?

With the challenges of today’s time, we have found a balance between fight and flight. In 2013, we formed School For Earth, a community that allows any person to achieve their goals through cooperation with others. Our ability to integrate fields allowed us to seek the most effective solutions for the ripest of circumstances and…

Place-based Transformative Education

…if the farms were classrooms, they had a bounty of learning areas…

Integration is Innovation in Education

Integration has been such an old approach but rarely formalized from where I come from. Moving to the 22nd century, our team in SFE has now envisioned that the way to make learning more efficient is

Off the Grid Calamansi

We grew the biggest calamansis I have ever seen in my life! They were about an inch and a half in diameter (almost like a small dalanghita – a local green orange) People visiting did not even want to believe that they were calamansi but, yes, they are. Tangerines with a sour high note and a sweet mid-note – those were tastes of the ones from the backyard.