Integration is Innovation in Education

Integration has been such an old approach but rarely formalized from where I come from. Moving to the 22nd century, our team in SFE has now envisioned that the way to make learning more efficient is to break the boundaries of fields or subjects. To be able to transcend this structurally without compromising the existing perspective of those who operate in the status quo, I am currently designing structures that will allow integration of fields through collaborative envisioning. Collaboration may mean working together on a project. Before that even happens, people from different contexts have to align their vision of what kind of future we should create for humanity. That is the difference between collaboration and collaborative envisioning. This is what makes collaborative efforts more inspired, more purposeful and not merely for the sake of collaboration. I am filled with the joy of growth in our learning products because of the richness of output coming from teams who go through the process. Yes, it takes time and we have time. When finished, time resource invested is more than worth it. Sticking to our principles of what learning should be, we are able to create sustainable (and profitable!) learning models that will allow our school to grow. I am eagerly expecting great things to unfold as we evolve.


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