Place-based Transformative Education

by Luna Fojas, SFE Learning Designer

Being in a highly agricultural setting in the past 2 weeks, I brainstormed on possible learning models for Dumingag, Zamboangga del Sur. First, subjects can be farm-based meaning that, literally, the farms are the actual schools. Beatrice, Supervisor of District II, told me they lack classrooms. I said that if the farms were classrooms, they had a bounty of learning areas. Secondly, since they are trying to shift to 100% organic farming in their agricultural industry, part of the instruction, content and space for education can already come from the industry to make the programs more authentic and relevant.

I also met with former Mayor Jun Pacalioga who is continuously building Transformative Education together with Fr. Edicio dela Torre. I have yet to meet Fr. Ed but I have been meaning to experiment with new designs under the Alternative Learning System as Isagani Cruz has advised me after hearing about our school.

Next year, School For Earth’s Applied Math Department shall be immersing in farms to create a farm-based Math for┬áDumingag. If Singapore has the trademark of Singaporean Math, then the Philippines should grow our very own trademark for Math culture. If you’re interested in contributing, you can start by giving feedback about how you personally experienced learning Math via this link –

I look forward to the most simple yet profound contributions we can create together.


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