Philippines – Fight or Flee?

With the challenges of today’s time, we have found a balance between fight and flight.
In 2013, we formed School For Earth, a community that allows any person to achieve their goals through cooperation with others. Our ability to integrate fields allowed us to seek the most effective solutions for the ripest of circumstances and ripest of mindsets. Think of the possibilities!

It feels so liberating to finally be able to experiment with and re-construct centuries-old social structures in government, corporations, institutions and organizations. Complaints are transformed into solutions and building becomes a positive hallmark in changing not just the direction of society but also how we as individuals experience life.
This for me is fulfillment – making a meaningful contribution that saves us from hopelessness, unproductive anger and cynicism. If you’re tired of being hopeless and angry, and you know you can contribute, join us. We’re just on Facebook until we get more funding for an LMS.

School For Earth is a growing networked learning community integrating different fields and sectors for innovative solutions. The light feels good.


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